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Twerk Chicken
Address: 2583 Candler Rd , Decatur 30030, GA, US
Phone: (404) 968-9739
State: GA
City: Decatur
Zip Code: 30030

Opening Hours

Monday: 12:00-23:00
Tuesday: 12:00-23:00
Wednesday: 12:00-23:00
Thursday: 12:00-23:00
Friday: 12:00-23:00
Saturday: 13:00-20:00
Sunday: 12:00-20:00

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I like to support black owned that’s why I gave 2 stars. For pasta, I think the BBQ sauce should be on the side. I also think it’s PREDATORY to charge $33 dollars for a small piece of frozen salmon and salad shrimp. Fresh salmon and at minimum large shrimp would make sense. I also can not for the life of me understand why you all would put bell peppers pasta. Took at few bites, not returning.
Don't let looks fool you! The Weekday Staff The two Ladies Are FANTASTIC, The food is BOMB . You can't go wrong with anything on the menu. I order the same things every week. I will order a meal for now and a meal for later! I Get the Twerk Taco Combo For Now If you want wings and one less taco I suggest the Twerk Sumthing Special, my second meal is always a form of pasta because it reheats well. You can't go wrong with any of the pastas, their delicious . Be mindful that they don't serve condiments like ketchup etc, they Use their Signature Twerk Sauce and it is esp in them tacos and fries! Gon' down there to the Candler Rd and Get You Sum of These... Tell them Dr. Dre aka,"Zaddy" sent you!
Saw tge truck and I decided to roll the dice. Definitely a win, the salmon tacos with that twerk sauce was everything. My daughter had the twerk wings and hubby had the shrimp tacos. Everything was good and fresh. Definitely worth it!! Excuse the missing in the . I took a bite and couldn't stop
I’ll be back. I had the twerk sumn special 2 thot cos 10PC wings and fries w/twerk sauce The twerk sauce is so good ! The only reason this didn’t get a 5 star is because I ordered shrimp tacos and got chicken and they were cold when he gave them to me. They were still good cold so the flavor was on point. It was two guys running it by themselves so I won’t rate them TOO heavy. Good late night eats on the eastside
I am a certified chef, and this was the worst service and food that I have ever had. We got our plates changed multiple times, and some were not ours. The place was not very clean inside or outside. I most definitely will not be going back at all. Fries were undercooked, and tacos had char pieces from the grill throughout the meat. I thought maybe it was a seasoning or something they were using until I bit into it and immediately realized what it was. Horrible. I ended up throwing my entire plate away beside the bite of the fry and the one bite from the taco. Never again. I am disappointed I really wanted to give a good review because my hopes were so high. But this was an epic failure.
I’m pissed I came from Gwinnett to try this place! Got there on 10/3/2023 at 5:17 pm and they were closed! I googled before I came and it says open and ain’t supposed to close until 11pm. All this traffic is just took me a hour and 22 min to get here and they are closed! No one here or answering the phone! It looks like they move like this ! I don’t know why I wanted food from candler road the crazy house area! Im so mad im pregnant im so freakin mad!
The restaurant is not a reflection of the owner! Nor is the cook. Whenever the owner is physically there and running shop, the food is amazing, the customer service is great. The female cook is a for lack of a better term " a hustler".... I've been coming to twerk chicken since it's conception because the owner was a close friend of my homies Jamaal Edmonds. He spoke at his funeral and I'll always support his businesses and endeavors. Recently I came and ordered my usual loaded twerk fries..I wanted one plate with shrimp and one with out any meat. Just the sauce they make and jalapenos. The new cook told me she could not make the sauce for the fries without meat..with or without meat the price wouldn't change and my knowing the owner and how he makes it doesn't change what she said. She can't make the sauce without meat...she said," and you can tell sas I said that myself he know me , we run this together he'll tell you" ... It was this level of unprofessionalism and inconsideration for me and my girlfriend's order that turned me off. But I still try to support because as I said the owner is a good guy. When I tried to pay her with my card although she told me she wasn't going to be able to make my order the way I wanted it she then told me she could only take cash not card. At that point I left the establishment and I haven't returned since. I know times are hard and you have to work with the employees that you have. I know that he is owning and operating multiple businesses so he can't be at the establishments cooking and working himself... But I don't think I can return with the self-proclaimed chef that is currently running the window. And that sucks because I live in the area and really really really really do enjoy the twerk fries. It's basically Rotel dip with your choice of meats and jalapenos. The fact that she said she couldn't make it without meat was Ludacris to me LOL. Honestly he just needs to get someone in there that takes the job as serious as they would a five-star restaurant. Because the employees I have seen that work there outside of the owner ..treat the business like it's a ghetto establishment because of where it's located and because they know the owner and that scares off customers. We still need and deserve top tier professionalism and service to keep the momentum, legacy and customer volume HIGH
I’m going to be completely honest. The last two times that I went here the nachos and wings were terrible. They used to have a nice good cheese sauce to go on top of the nachos. What happened to that?? Now they just put a slice of cheese on the steak like it’s a Philly cheesesteak. Then put chunks of bell pepper in the nachos. They weren’t even sliced thinly. Not going to work for me. The original bros that worked there did an amazing job. The wings were disgusting as well. No real good flavor at all. Also, the portions have gotten smaller. I try my best to support black business, but things like this make me think twice. Please please do better.
I always eat here and my food is always good. Definitely try the twerk chicken pasta. Comes with garlic bread.
The food was gross. The lady that brought it to me looked like she didn’t even work there. They may as well have been playing Sexy Red at noon. And I get it, it’s called twrkin chicken. But then my drink was full of mold from the ice. That was it for me.Food: 1/5
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