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Address: 1551 S Pleasant Valley Rd , Winchester 22601, VA, US
State: VA
City: Winchester
Zip Code: 22601

Opening Hours

Monday: 10:30-03:00
Tuesday: 10:30-03:00
Wednesday: 10:30-03:00
Thursday: 10:30-03:00
Friday: 10:30-04:00
Saturday: 10:30-04:00
Sunday: 10:30-03:00

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Must-try burgers and fries. Their prices are decent especially if you want to try out a lot of different things. In my personal opinion, their burgers and fries are the staple. I would also highly recommend their chicken sandwiches. Drive thru lines are long as of Dec 2021, so just park your car and go in to order. You will save 10 minutes of waiting.
Very good overall, especially for the price can't beat it. First went to them a while back down in South Carolina so it's cool to see some up this way. Their milkshakes are worth it alone- food is good but it can be hit or miss I've noticed, that's the only reason for the 4 stars on that. But for the price I'm not complaining. Highly recommended - plus they stay open til 3-4AM so awesome for late night eating.
Well I'm not sure what all the hype is about. The price is good, better than anywhere else except Macdonald's for a burger fries and a large soda. And cook out actually has flame broiled burgers whereas you know the other place doesn't. You get a burger that looks and tastes like you grilled it at over the coals. They need better buns, lettuce and tomatoes. That's probably the biggest problem with my meal. The tomato was not ripe, the lettuce should have been hand snapped to fit the bun which feel apart. grilling or toasting it with a brushing of butter would have quelled that. The fries were pretty good, not enough for a large size though. Everything was hot, I mean burn your mouth hot fries and meat so it was fresh off the heat source. Your meal stayed hot throughout consuming it. Even after thirty to forty minutes my fries were still pretty warm after I got home.
Waited for a good 4 months before trying Cook Out so as to give them time to get established. Well finally tried it today and found the food to be just mediocre, nothing that really knocked my socks off or made me want to return anytime soon. Ordered the 1/4 pound burger combo with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo on burger with the cheddar cheese bites and Cajun fries as my sides with the giant ice tea. Well the tea was good but had to ask for more ice because there was barely any and my fries were regular even though I specifically ordered Cajun, and the burger.. well this was the biggest let down thinking it was going to be great but still only mediocre. In my opinion and mine only I think Wendy's still has a way better burger in the Dave's single or any of them for that matter. Oh almost forgot, the cheddar bites were probably the best thing of my meal. Maybe if I come back I will try their pork barbecue or hot dogs, maybe they are what's best there?? Prices are pretty fair and matches the quality of their food, in my opinion.
Super long line in drive thur but moving good. We went inside and ordered and was leaving in less than 3 minutes. Food fresh and amazing. Just like the ones in NC!Dine in: NoOutdoor seating: NoTakeout: YesDelivery: NoCurbside pickup: No
Great Food. I have always loved the Burgers Very affordable can get a lunch for less than $10 and they have a large selection to choose from. Service is usually quick. Unfortunately Cookout chooses to play the most Awful music I have ever had to endure in an establishment. Wouldn't be so bad if they didn't blare it. Take the drive through or get it to go. Aside from that. Great place.
Hot dog was fine. They were very busy so you would have expected hot fries NO. Chicken quesadilla had NOTHING in it and when I brought to there attention they said they would remake . That was over five minutes ago. Taco Bell does better job
Good burgers. Onion rings were good. Fries got cold by the time I got back to my hotel but they were tasty. Have had a shake in the past which was excellent. Staff was friendly. Food is made to order so takes a little longer.Food: 5/5
So me and my boyfriend finally got to try cookout. Because of it being so busy we never wanted to wait in the long line. But today we got to go. Went in ordered our food. I got the big burger tray. Hamburger was supposed to be quarter pound and we'll as you can see it was 2 small half patties. Not even full patties. Boyfriend got the Cajun chicken filet sandwich which was one small piece of chicken tender. Didnt get any pics of his cuz I was driving. Don't see what all the hype was about. We won't be going back there that's for sure.
Good quality for the buck! I’ve been there twice so far so good. I recommend their slaw and onion rings for sides. Their fries are alright.. ask for ketchup or sauce with them. I’ve been getting their cajun chicken sandwich its not bad. Their sweet tea is also good. Their shakes are a must try! The tray came out to about $7.80ish.

Reviews, get directions and contact details Cookout.

Winchester burgers

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